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"One thing you should know for sure -
if you've got a horse,
you've got manure.
I thought that once, maybe twice a day
I'd grab a shovel; for the rest I'd play.
How hard could it be,
I used to think,
to keep my horses free from stink.
Boy what a joke. Man, what a dream.
A horse is a manure-making machine."
author unknown


Briar Patch Manure Removal Equipment

About Our Removal Service

For removal, we use our rubber track loader and a truck with a roll off type container. We then load the container with manure and haul it to the nearest farmer or certified compost center. We continue until we have taken the number of loads specified by you. When the last load is removed we have to return to pick up our loader and collect payment.

We take straw, shavings, recycled cardboard or pelleted wood bedding. We find the farmers like it in this order, straw, pelleted bedding, recycled cardboard, and lastly shavings. Many times we must travel farther and pay the farmer a fee for taking the shavings bedded manure. The reason, they say, is because it takes more time and energy to get the shavings to break down into usable compost. As we know, time and energy are very valuable commodities to a farmer.With that in mind, we also ask that you don't put plastic, baler twine, soda cans, equine medical debris or debris of any kind that is not organic or would do damage to our farmers manure spreaders or contaminate his soils.

Need a pile of dirt or stone moved while we are there, let us know ahead of time. We are available to do light dirt and stone work while there. Let us know ahead of time so we can schedule our day accordingly. Additional machine work is done on an hourly basis in addition to the manure removal.

If you have a large pile that has accumulated over time, we can come in and peck away at it a little at a time by taking a few loads every couple of months or whatever you can afford and at your convenience. In most areas we can haul out anywhere from one load to five loads a day. Your base rate is determined by the proximity of your farm to our operations base address and distance to closest receiver.

ALL payments are due, in full, same day as work is performed. (personal check, cash). Credit cards are NOT accepted.

If you have any questions regarding our service or terms for work and payment, or comments, please feel free to call us 215-536-6249 or  610-845-8674

or e-mail us We accept calls as early as 6:00 a.m. Monday through Friday. You can also fill out the questionnaire at the bottom of this page.




Think About This..

When thinking about where to place your manure pile, or storage bin please give some thought to its location.
 What type of storage are you going to be using?
Is there adequate space for trucks and loaders to access the pile?
 Are there trees or low wires that will hinder the equipment or cause damage to it?
Is there a hard packed or stone lane leading to the pile for truck access?
Place your manure storage in an area that will remain relatively dry, don't put your manure in low spots that will attract water. 
Keep it at least one hundred feet away from any well, surface water and out of the path of storm water runoff from hard packed banks and barn roofs.
Make sure your removal service won't have to cross underground pipes, wires,marshy areas or septic systems that cause property or equipment damage.

If you will need removal during the wet or icy seasons having a stoned lane to or near the work area will make the job easier and safer for all.

The proper storage and removal of manure will enhance your property by presenting a better image to the non-horse community.
You will also be helping to eliminate flies, mosquitoes, snakes and rats that frequently take up housekeeping in old piles.

With gas prices rising and the present state of the economy hurting a lot of people we are doing our best to keep our prices affordable. If you have a large pile don't feel pressured into cleaning it all up at one time. We will take as much or as little as your budget will allow so you can keep your farm looking neat and clean.

215-536-6249 or 610-845-8674

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